M.K. Brummel home additions expand living space and add greater enjoyment to your home. They can also increase its value. Your home addition might be at the ground level, on the second floor or as a detachment. It could also be either a build-out or a build-up.
As experts in home additions, M.K. Brummel can verify the vital components that will ensure your home addition becomes what you desire. From concept to plan to completion, we are here to advise and support you in achieving the original space you envision.

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Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is a central room where family and friends gather to make memories. When it’s time for home remodeling involving your kitchen, your primary asset is a partner with the resources, innovation and experience to make the space distinctively yours.

M.K. Brummel has been creating custom kitchens for more than 30 years. We’ve learned and achieved a lot during that time, and we bring that background to satisfy each facet of your project.

Just as important, along the way we’ve built lasting relationships with the kitchen remodeling subcontractors we know will serve both you and us with loyalty and consistent results. The average length of our relationships with our subcontractors is 20 years.

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Bathroom Remodel

Today’s bathroom remodeling has evolved well beyond the simple, practical use bathrooms were first meant to provide (think white tiles, medicine cabinets and single-bulb lighting). You can now make your bathroom an attractive and comfortable room that serves, soothes and invites with distinction.

A skilled and experienced bathroom modeling contractor is a major asset when you want to upgrade your bathroom. As a home repair expert, the right contractor supports you with incisive planning, information and thought.

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Finish Carpentry

Rough carpentry concerns mainly framing and structural work, so most of it is covered and therefore unseen. It does not need to be balanced, detailed and visually pleasing.

Finish carpentry involves the decorative woodworking in the final stages of your home addition, repair or remodel. It is what gives your rooms their defining character. A good finish carpenter must have a keen eye, an equal sense of symmetry and aesthetics, and an exact understanding of measurements and matching components.

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Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are so constant in our daily lives that we can often overlook them. As soon as they begin to malfunction, deteriorate or become outdated, however, we quickly realize how important they are.

Perhaps a door or a window starts to let in cold drafts, or it doesn’t open as easily as it used to. Or, maybe it’s time to coordinate your windows and doors for a home repair or remodel.

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Home Repair & Remodeling

Whether you’re moving into a fixer-upper or you’ve lived in your home for a while, home repair or remodeling eventually becomes part of your general home maintenance.

Your home is typically the biggest and most important investment you’ll make. General home maintenance that includes home repair and remodeling is the wise way to protect and increase the value of your investment.

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