Bathroom Remodeling

Strategy, Design and Invention for Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Today’s bathroom remodeling has evolved well beyond the simple, practical use bathrooms were first meant to provide (think white tiles, medicine cabinets and single-bulb lighting). You can now make your bathroom an attractive and comfortable room that serves, soothes and invites with distinction.

A skilled and experienced bathroom modeling contractor is a major asset when you want to upgrade your bathroom. As a home repair expert, the right contractor supports you with incisive planning, information and thought.

That bathroom modeling contractor also knows how to help you save and spend money wisely and complete your remodel with the least disruption to your daily routine and your access to your bathroom.

M.K. Brummel has transformed hundreds of bathrooms from what homeowners only need them to be to what they want them to be. We listen to you and learn about the style and details that matter most to you. We then walk you through planning and design, and when you’re ready for remodeling, we bring in the optimal specialists for each phase.

We use only premium materials such as plumbing products by Kohler, Moen, Delta, National and Jacuzzi. We also have access to superb granite and quartz, as well as fine woods for cabinetry.

Here are some questions to help you start defining what’s important to you for your bathroom remodeling:

  • What do I want the design and character of my bathroom to be (e.g. formal, spacious, cozy, intimate, classic)?
  • Do I want the bathroom to be open and joined, or would I prefer it in compartments (e.g. separate bath, shower, toilet)?
  • How many sinks do I want, and what kind of fixtures do I envision?
  • What styles and materials do I want for my countertop and cabinets?
  • What kind of lighting and mirrors would my ideal bathroom include? Will my lighting be more electric or solar?
  • Should my flooring be tile, marble or another material? Should my flooring be heated?
  • How much storage will I need for linens, make-up, medication and toiletries?

We love what we do and we enjoy your satisfaction with the results even more. Contact us at (630) 554-1600 to discuss your bathroom remodeling with an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor.

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M.K. Brummel also excels in home repair. If you’re considering fixing up a room instead of adding one, be sure to let us know! We offer you creative, efficient solutions just as we do for home and bathroom remodeling.