Home Additions

Innovation and Aptitude for Your Custom Home Addition

M.K. Brummel home additions expand living space and add greater enjoyment to your home. They can also increase its value. Your home addition might be at the ground level, on the second floor or as a detachment. It could also be either a build-out or a build-up.

If you’re considering a home addition, you may have already discussed it and begun forming ideas. You also might have started visiting showrooms and paging through magazines. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by a friend’s or neighbor’s house as well.

The next step for you is connecting with a specialist in custom home additions that provide both function and feel based on your style.

Here are some crucial questions to ask concerning your home addition:

  • How long has the contractor being doing home additions?
  • How involved is the owner in overseeing progress, quality and accuracy?
  • Does the crew include full-time employees, or are they all subcontractors?
  • Does the contractor seek materials beyond those sold at big-box stores?
  • Does the contractor have full insurance coverage, including an umbrella policy?

Other major factors are the contractor’s knowledge of all project phases and aspects (including zoning restrictions), versatility within your budget, assistance with permit paperwork, and record of job-site cleanliness and minimal household disruption. You can often find this information through Yelp! or the Better Business Bureau, but it’s even better if you can verify it directly from a reference sheet.

As experts in home additions, M.K. Brummel can verify the vital components that will ensure your home addition becomes what you desire. From concept to plan to completion, we are here to advise and support you in achieving the original space you envision.

Contact us at (630) 554-1600 today to discuss your project with an M.K. Brummel home addition professional. Put your thoughts into action – we’ll be just as excited as you are about the possibilities.

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M.K. Brummel also excels in home repair. If you’re considering fixing up a room instead of adding one, be sure to let us know! We offer you creative, efficient solutions just as we do for home additions.