Kitchen Remodel

Planning, Vision and Process for Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is a central room where family and friends gather to make memories. When it’s time for home remodeling involving your kitchen, your primary asset is a partner with the resources, innovation and experience to make the space distinctively yours.

Optimal kitchen remodeling requires:

  • Detailed pre-planning and customer profiling
  • Vision to see both the isolated space and how it fits into the rest of the house
  • An efficient process for timely progress in well-defined stages

M.K. Brummel has been creating custom kitchens for more than 30 years. We’ve learned and achieved a lot during that time, and we bring that background to satisfy each facet of your project.

Just as important, along the way we’ve built lasting relationships with the kitchen remodeling subcontractors we know will serve both you and us with loyalty and consistent results. The average length of our relationships with our subcontractors is 20 years.

  • Kitchen designers
  • Cabinet shops
  • Granite/quartz fabricators
  • Backsplash-tile distributors

With us, your home remodeling also is typically finished at an average lower cost that the same work by corporate contractors. Our careful planning for kitchen remodeling further ensures the least disruption to your household during construction.

Beyond being skilled tradesmen for your kitchen remodeling, M.K. Brummel supports you as professional advisers every step of the way. With a clear understanding of your goals and your budget, we can help you with choices and decisions in areas such as:

  • kitchen layout and flow
  • lighting
  • infrastructure for the remodel
  • maximizing blind corners
  • types and placement of cabinets
  • flooring and countertops
  • sinks and faucets
  • managing backsplash and waste
  • shelving
  • appliances and decorative hardware
We further assist you with permit paperwork and reinforce our labor with a five-year warranty.

Contact us at (630) 554-1600 today to discuss the kitchen remodeling you’ve been thinking about. We’d love to hear your thoughts and get started on shaping them into the kitchen that’s perfect for you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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M.K. Brummel also excels in home repair. If you’re considering fixing up a room instead of adding one, be sure to let us know! We offer you creative, efficient solutions just as we do for home and kitchen remodeling.