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Windows and doors are so constant in our daily lives that we can often overlook them. As soon as they begin to malfunction, deteriorate or become outdated, however, we quickly realize how important they are.

Perhaps a door or a window starts to let in cold drafts, or it doesn’t open as easily as it used to. Or, maybe it’s time to coordinate your windows and doors for a home repair or remodel.

M.K. Brummel has been specializing in window and door replacement and installation for more than 30 years. As your partner and consultant in home repair and remodeling, we:

  • educate you about what makes a great window or door for your particular home
  • match your desired style and function with your budget and house design
  • inform you about your product choices from good to better to best
  • help you develop the most efficient and affordable plan for door and window replacement, whether all at once or in stages
  • minimize disruptions to your home and routine while we’re working
  • thoroughly clean each work site (daily if required)

We also acquire any permits that might be needed and reinforce our work for you with a five-year labor warranty.

Window Replacement and Installation: Starting Thoughts

If you’re thinking about replacing or installing windows, note that windows are typically available as three types:

  • Single pane Least expensive, lighter, easier to repair, more translucent if single glazed
  • Double pane Most popular with consumers, more insulated (energy efficient) than single-pane windows
  • Triple pane Thicker and heavier than single and double pane, most likely to reduce energy costs long term

Other window qualities to keep in mind include:

  • Durability Resists water, cold air and environmental elements
  • Comfort Keeps cold air out and warm air in; has strong frames, firm locks and insulated glass
  • Energy efficiency Helps reduce heating and cooling bills while conserving energy
  • Aesthetic appeal Attractive to the eye and stylistically adaptive to your home

Additional factors for choosing the right windows can be noise reduction and home security.

Door Replacement and Installation: Starting Thoughts

Doors offer a range of materials for both function and personal style. Just a few include:

  • Timber Versatile, highly customizable for different types of homes; some have medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cores to prevent shrinkage and expansion
  • Red cedar Very popular; won’t warp, shrink or swell
  • Aluminum Strong, durable, common for garage doors, available in various colors; with an enamel finish, won’t rust or require re-painting
  • Fiberglass Built to last, resistant to harsh and humid weather; won’t rust; can be stained to match or complement your home

Contact us at (630) 554-1600 today to discuss window or door replacement or installation for your home. We welcome the opportunity to hear what you have in mind. If you’ve been thinking about a window for your roof, we can assist you with dormer addition as well!

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M.K. Brummel excels in home repair. If you’re considering fixing up a room instead of adding one, be sure to let us know! We offer you creative, efficient solutions just as we do for window and door replacement and installation.